If you are unable to lock properly using the app, or the lock is reporting “Deadbolt cannot fully extend,” please check the following for correct installation.

With the deadbolt retracted (in unlock position), there are two parts that will need to be facing a certain orientation. 

  • The interior thumbturn you use to manually unlock and lock, must have the arrow / triangle pointing up.
  • The flat bar spindle from the Touchpad (exterior) must be inserted to the deadbolt vertically.

First, check the thumbturn and see if the arrow / triangle is pointing up. If it is pointing up and you are still facing issues, proceed to the next step. 

Next, remove the battery cover and batteries to gain access to the 4 screws securing the interior assembly to the mounting plate. 

Next, gently pull the interior portion away from the mounting plate and disconnect the cable. From here, you will be able to see the flat bar spindle going through the deadbolt. It must be vertical like shown in the image. If it is horizontal, remove the two screws securing the plate and Touchpad to the door. Then pull the Touchpad out and re-install with the spindle going through the deadbolt vertically

After those parts have been corrected, re-install the lock and try operation again. 

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