ProLogic R22 Safe Lock

The ProLogic R22 is a very reliable and robust safe lock system ideal for commercial applications where One Time Code controlled access is required. The ProLogic R22 features SECURAM’s unique One Time Code user access system allowing controlled access for cash carriers and technicians.

Simple to Use and Reliable

•  Static Code Users: Enter assigned 6 digit code to open lock.
• OTC Users: Enter assigned 6 digit code, the R22 then displays a random code. This random code must be decrypted by the R22 software to create a 6 digit OTC access code. The User then enters the OTC access code to open the lock.
• A flexible, highly secure solution for cash safes, ATMs, and vaults.


• 60 codes: 2 manager codes, 18 user codes, 40 OTC users
• Super code for programming and management control
• 200 Time/Date stamped Audit capability viewable on screen
• 5,000+ openings on a 9 Volt battery
• Single or Dual Control mode
• Time Delay functionality 0 -99 min

• Opening Window 1 -15 min
• Time Delay Override
• Recovery Code to set the lock back to factory default
• Duress mode with programmable shift feature
• AC power optional

• Standard footprint and mounting pattern, easy retrofit for any mechanical or electronic safe lock
• Finishes available: Chrome
• Can be paired with any other SECURAM motorized safe lock body

* It is strongly recommended to use a lock body that has an internal status sensor with all audit locks (El-0601-S, EL-0701, EL-0801) The resulting audit trail will then report lock open time as well as lock close time. The EL-0601 does not have a status sensor and therefore the door close time will be reported at the same time as door open time.

Part# EC-0601A-R22-C-II-CH

otc - safe lock

R22 Software

The R22 OTC Software is used in conjunction with the ProLogic R22 safe lock system to create One Time User Codes for controlled singular access.

Part# WSK-R22

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