Deadbolt won't fully extend

If the deadbolt does not fully extend, please check the installation is correct.

Upon mounting the internal assembly, the deadbolt must be retracted (unlock position) and the arrow on the thumb turn must be pointing up.

After this is done, re-calibrate the lock by unlocking and locking manually.

Deadbolt locks when code is entered

If the deadbolt locks when a code is entered and vice-versa, the lock will need to be re-calibrated. To calibrate, simply lock and unlock using the thumbturn.

Now try your code! It should unlock in the right direction.

Lock reports Operation Timeout

If the deadbolt reports “Operation timeout,” follow the steps to sync the internal assembly and Touchpad.

  1. Open the battery cover
  2. Lift the latch to release the interior assembly and remove it from door
  3. Rotate the right sensor out
  4. Press the reset button (located under the right sensor) ONCE. You will hear a double beep. This indicates the touchpad and interior assembly are paired.
  5. The lock will now open with a valid code entry.


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