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Our mission is to fortify your connected world, protecting your most valuable possessions. With expert craftsmanship, our smart locks combine design and innovation to provide unmatched security. Crafted with premium materials and top-tier components, it ensures long lasting protection. You have ultimate control, enabling you to manage access from anywhere, safeguarding what matters most to you.

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"Motion-controlled wall switches represent a convenient means of lighting control, while motion detection stands as an indispensable element within home security systems."

S. Davidson

Users can set up a Guard Security System and customize SECURAM’s home security products using the SECURAM Guard mobile app to create scenes in which one device can trigger others to perform actions. For instance, they can configure SECURAM’s EOS Smart Lock to turn lights on when arriving home and unlocking the door, or turning the lights off when you leave home and lock the door.

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Nice solid build quality you’d want from a deadbolt lock. The touchpad and fingerprint scanner is very responsive and has a nice design. The gloss black pad on the matte black looks great and the numbers are in sort of an Art Deco font of which I really like.

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With over 30 years in high-security, SECURAM offers a range of cutting-edge products: door locks, access control systems, biometric and electronic safe locks. Our solutions feature wireless connectivity, remote programming, and Dynamic OTC systems tailored for ATMs. Backed by our dedicated R&D team and advanced production methods, we uphold strict quality control, ensuring top-notch quality, reliability, and technology.


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The SECURAM Guard app simplifies the setup of our smart home devices, offering a sleek and user-friendly experience to effortlessly monitor your home and valuables.

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