ProLogic WebLink

The ProLogic WebLink is a highly advanced and reliable safe lock system for demanding commercial applications. It offers remote programming, lock management, and communication of security violations through email and SMS alerts.

Remote Programming and Management Made Easy

With WebLink, effortlessly program and manage your entire safe lock portfolio remotely. Add or delete users, change programming, reset codes, and view audit trails—all from your PC. Say goodbye to tedious manual tasks and unnecessary visits to each safe. WebLink simplifies the process, saving you time and effort.

Network Connected for Seamless Integration

WebLink is a network-connected safe lock system that effortlessly integrates into your secure network infrastructure. Connect through a hard-wired Ethernet connection or utilize our Wireless Access Point for added flexibility. Rest easy knowing that WebLink employs top-level encryption to protect your valuable data.

Unlock the Power of Remote Management

In the dynamic world of business, remote management of in-store hardware has become essential. WebLink offers the perfect solution to address this need. With WebLink, you can take complete control of your safe lock network from anywhere. Enjoy the convenience of remote portfolio management, boosting operational efficiency and ensuring enhanced security.

ProLogic WebLink Overview

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