Safe Lock Warranty


SECURAM Systems, Inc. Limited Product Warranty

SECURAM Safe Lock systems are protected by an 18-month warranty against manufacturer's defects. This warranty is applicable for 18 months from the Date of Manufacture. Recognizing that it may take several months for the safe lock to travel through the distribution channel and be purchased by an end user, SECURAM also offers a 12-month warranty from the Date of Consumer Purchase (formerly referred to as “Date of Service”), if the product has been registered for the Consumer Purchase Warranty* (formerly referred to as “Date of Service Warranty”). Customers are invited to register their product for this 12-month Consumer Purchase Warranty (formerly referred to as “Date of Service Warranty”) upon installation or receipt of their safe lock. The Consumer Purchase Warranty (formerly referred to as “Date of Service Warranty”) Registration form is packaged with each product. Customers can purchase extended warranty coverage after valid registration of the Consumer Purchase Warranty (formerly referred to as “Date of Service Warranty”).

SECURAM Systems Inc. (SECURAM) warranty program warrants its product(s) under the following conditions:

  • Warranty Compliance: This warranty applies provided there is compliance with all installation/operating instructions supplied by SECURAM and, provided further, that the product has been subjected to normal use without any misuse, neglect, tampering, modifications, or the occurrence of accidental damage.
  • Defective Units: Units are only considered defective if there is a manufacturing defect. If the defect is caused by damage done by the customer or if the warranty seal has been broken, it is not eligible for replacement under the warranty program.
  • Product(s) Return: In the event of a defect in materials or workmanship covered by this warranty, the purchaser must return, at the purchaser’s expense, the product(s) to SECURAM for replacement, if there is any. If the defective unit is not returned to SECURAM, warranty coverage will be completely void and will not be honored in the future.
  • Warranty covers replacement and/or repair. Labor is not covered.
  • SECURAM shall pay for return shipping to the customer via ground shipping. However, the customer shall bear the expense of shipping if:
    • they desire special or rush shipping
    • they are outside of the continental United States
  • Lost Combinations: This warranty does not cover lost or forgotten combinations. Obtaining the super code or master code is not included in this warranty and must be obtained from the safe manufacturer.
  • Warranty Authorization: This warranty and solutions set forth above are exclusive and in lieu of all others, oral or written, expressed or implied. No dealer, distributor, agent, or employee is authorized to make any modification or addition to this warranty.
  • In all cases, regardless of product replacement, the warranty expiration date is based on the date of warranty registration or the date of manufacture of the original product purchased.
  • Warranty Seal Sticker: The warranty is automatically invalidated if the warranty seal sticker is damaged.
  • Notice: Installation of the product with any unapproved accessory item or product may invalidate the SECURAM Systems, Inc. Limited Product Warranty.
  • In order for this warranty to apply, SECURAM branding on all products wherever affixed, embossed, or printed, must not be altered, obscured, covered, or otherwise defaced.
  • End Users can purchase a 12 Month Extended Warranty on certain SECURAM products:
  • Warranty Time: An additional 12-month limited warranty from Consumer Purchase Warranty (formerly referred to as “Date of Service Warranty”) expiration date warranting the EntryPad and Lock against defects in material and workmanship.
  • Extended Warranty is non-refundable.

The following products are eligible for Extended Warranty coverage:

  • Part #
    • EC-0601A-P
    • EC-0601A + EL-0601
    • EC-0601A-II
    • EC-00601A-PL
    • EC-0601A-BL
    • EC-0601A-BL-II
    • EC-0601A-PN-E + EL-0601-E