Wi-Fi Smart Switch

Lighting Control: Easily monitor and control your lights from anywhere using the SECURAM Guard app. Whether you're at home or away, you can turn your lights on or off, adjust settings, and receive notifications for ultimate convenience and security.

Custom Scenes: Personalize your lighting to match your daily routine with a simple tap. Set schedules and timers to ensure that your lights automatically turn on and off at specific times. You can also create customized scenes to effortlessly set the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

Smart Lights: Elevate every room with smart lighting technology. Our product features built-in Wi-Fi, eliminating the need for an additional hub for internet connection (requires 2.4 GHz WiFi network). Experience seamless control and connectivity at your fingertips.

Voice Control: Take advantage of voice control capabilities with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Effortlessly control your lights, even when your hands are full or when entering dimly lit areas. Enjoy the convenience and ease of managing your lighting with simple voice commands.

Installation: The SECURAM Wi-Fi Smart switch can easily replace any standard light switch that requires a Neutral wire. Our intuitive in-app instructions will guide you through a hassle-free installation and setup process. For additional assistance, please refer to the Installation video and User manual included with your purchase.

Smart Switch

Take control of your lighting with SECURAM Guard app. Adjust settings, turn lights on/off, and receive notifications from anywhere.

Manual Switch

Manual switch to turn on or off

LED Indicator

Easily find switches in the dark

Your Lighting is Your Command

The switch works with SECURAM Guard Home Security System, offering homeowners greater control and convenience over their home's security in the way that best suits their lifestyle, needs, and preferences.

Control from Anywhere

Create automatic comfort and make any home more comfortable using SECURAM Guard app.

Designed for Security

Automatically turn devices on and off at different times to give the appearance that someone is home.

Voice Control

Hands-Free lighting control with voice commands through Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Set Schedules

Customize light triggers according to your daily routine and create scenes, schedules, or set timers..

Laser Motion Technology

Wi-Fi Security Switch

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Included in the box

Wi-Fi Smart Switch

Face Plate

2 Screws

Wire Label

Installation Guide

Intelligent Lighting Control

Our Wi-Fi Smart Switches are packed with the latest connectivity to allow seamless pairing and next level security.


2.91”L x 1.69”W x 4.69”H

2.91”x1.69”x4.69” (LxWxH)

2.91”x1.69”x4.69” (LxWxH)

Model #





Neutral Wire
Single Pole
iOS or Android Smartphone
2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Network

Neutral Wire
Single Pole
or 3-way Switch w/ 2” box
iOS or Android Smartphone
2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Network

Neutral Wire
Single Pole
iOS or Android Smartphone
2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Network






110-140VAC 60Hz

110-140VAC 60Hz

110-140VAC 60Hz

Motion-controlled wall switches are a convenient way to control lighting, and motion detection is a must-have component of a home security system; we saw an opportunity to combine these two things into one cost-effective and non-obtrusive product that replaces a traditional wall switch.

S. Davidson

The company’s intelligent light switches, smart home security technology, and mobile-friendly door locks all work together to deliver seamless home security options that make people’s lives simpler.

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