ProLogic R22 - One Time Code


  • 60 codes: 2 manager codes, 18 user codes, 40 OTC users
  • Super code for programming and management control
  • 200 Time/Date stamped Audit capability viewable on screen
  • 5,000+ openings on a 9 Volt battery
  • Single or Dual Control mode
  • Time Delay functionality 0 -99 min
  • Opening Window 1 -15 min
  • Time Delay Override
  • Recovery Code to set the lock back to factory default
  • Enable and Disable User codes
  • Duress mode with programmable shift feature
  • AC power optional
  • Standard footprint and mounting pattern, easy retrofit for any mechanical or electronic safe lock
  • Finishes available: Chrome
  • Can be paired with any other SECURAM motorized safe lock body.

Dispatch software must be used to manage the system (WSK-R22 Software sold separately)

ProLogic OTC - The Next Generation ATM Safe Lock