About us

SECURAM has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing innovative security solutions since 1991.  Early in our history, we developed some of the first contactless access control door lock systems used in hotels and commercial buildings.  Always striving to improve our products, we integrated biometric fingerprint authentication into these lock systems. 

Adjacent security industries soon came to recognize the technological acumen of SECURAM and began requesting our development of security systems for other markets.  

The high security safe lock market had been struggling to deliver innovative technological solutions, so after numerous requests from this market, we began our development of a complete line of electronic locks for safes. Now 12 years later, we have introduced over 150 different high security safe lock products. These safe lock solutions are used all over the world in banks, ATMs, cash safes, personal and gun safes. Everywhere highly valuable items are stored, SECURAM  products are sure to be found. 

As the smart home movement started with the introduction of various IOT devices for the home, safe owners began looking for ways to connect their safes also. SECURAM  took on the challenge and developed a series of connected safe lock systems that could be managed and controlled from a smartphone app. 

As our expertise with smart technologies expanded, we came to recognize the necessity of improved security of the devices offered in the smart home segment. Thus, our team of talented engineers set out to integrate the high security protocols developed for the safe lock market into secure devices for smart homes. Today, we have a broad array of highly secure smart devices for the connected home. From biometric smart locks for your front door, to perimeter security sensors, and smart garage door controllers, SECURAM  ​can be trusted to keep guard over your family and home. 

Welcome to SECURAM Smart Home Security.

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