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5 Ways to Get Smart with Your Rental Home Security

5 Ways to Get Smart with Your Rental Home Security

5 Ways to Get Smart with Your Rental Home Security

Whether you’re a seasoned SuperHost, or a new homeowner looking to offset the mortgage by renting space in your home, you know that you want an exceptional experience for your visitors. The best way to stand out is to offer something unique to your guests. In warm climates, that might be a pool. In colder locations, it could be discounted access to a local ski resort. But something that can add value to any rental, is providing your guests with a smart, savvy, and secure way to control their space.

Dano Mason, an Airbnb host in Cranford, NJ said, “As an AirBnb host, what I'm looking for in home security is ease of use plus access from wherever I am. It is the best way to control your home, and having it all at my fingertips while I'm away from home all day brings me peace of mind ... especially when I have visitors who need temporary pass codes and may sometimes get locked out. The Securam Smart home system and the Securam Touch gives me these benefits, plus it looks great, sleek and modern.”

Here are some ways you can stand out by going smart:

1. Allow guests to enter with their own passcodes, and control the codes that have access through an app. You can give or restrict access at any given time, so that you don’t have to worry about anyone staying past their welcome. This also alleviates the need for physical keys that can be easily copied.

2. Give visitors peace of mind with window sensors. It’s a simple way to give your home an extra layer of safety.

3. Give easy access to maintenance people & cleaners. You want your staff to have an easy way to get in and out between guests.

4. Give your guests the comforts that they likely have at home - this could mean Alexa or Google Home capabilities for seamless usage and the comforts of home.

5. Let guests that are staying for a long time feel special with fingerprint unlocking capabilities. They won’t even have to worry about a passcode, and you can manage their access after they check out.

All of the features above can be found in the SECURAM Smart family of devices. With the SECURAM Touch deadbolt, rest assured that visitors will have an easy way to access the space with a custom key code, or a fingerprint if you choose. The Smart Hub allows you to connect your SECURAM Touch and SECURAM Window Sensor to the internet, so you can access the data and information about the devices on the app from wherever you are in the world.

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