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Long Term Visitor Access with Smart Locks

Long Term Visitor Access with Smart Locks

You’re sitting at your desk in the middle of your important pitch call, when suddenly you hear your doorbell ring. It’s your mother-in-law, and she’s back from picking up groceries for her long-term stay with you over the holidays. She forgot her keys on the kitchen table when she left earlier. You have to get up and let her in, of course. However, this could have been avoided if there was a second option for entry in the home that didn’t require remembering keys.

You want your guests to be comfortable. Whether they’re staying for four days or four months, they’ll need easy access to the home. Keys work, but are easily lost or forgotten. The next best option is a digital solution. Enter SECURAM.

With SECURAM smart locks, you have the ability to program multiple fingerprints into the keypad, allowing your guests to easily enter the home without disturbing you or even texting you to unlock the door from afar, like other smart locks.

What happens if you don’t want to have people’s fingerprints registered? SECURAM offers a code access solution for guests that may be renting your space, or one-time codes to visitors such as maintenance workers. Plus, our locks can be controlled and monitored directly from the SECURAM Guard app.

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