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Securam Touch Smart Lock For The Home Protection Win!

Securam Touch Smart Lock For The Home Protection Win!

We are living in this scary world where we think we trust our neighbors but really who knows?!

We cannot be safe enough so when I was asked to check out the amazing options from SECURAM I was super thrilled and excited. The mission here is to make your home as secure and connected as it can be. This is worry free security the smart and easy way.

We have the SECURAM Touch + Hub Kit ($328). This is one touch access to your home. Your talking code access and fingerprint authentication that you run through remote access from your iPhone or Android. This is wireless connections and up to a 30 user capacity. That means you can make sure your whole family can enter including grandma, the dog walker and more.

The touchpad is water/heat resistant and is also backlit so no worries after a late night out with the girls. It also has options for a visitor log and keeps track of your door opening history. I loved the weight of the system; its very strong. The box comes with everything you need to easily install; hub, touchpad, deadbolt, door magnet, keys, mounting items and batteries.

You simply must check out this high quality, super impressive, very tech savvy house protection option!

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