ProLogic E66 – eKey Authentication

ProLogic - safe lock

ProLogic E66 Safe Lock

The ProLogic E66 is a very reliable, highly advanced safe lock system ideal for the most demanding commercial applications. The ProLogic E66 is a full featured safe lock system that incorporates dual credentials using encrypted eKeys in addition to a user code to provide highly secure access.

Simple to Use and Reliable

• Large OLED Menu system guides the user through access and programming procedures
• View Audit trail records on screen or download wirelessly to Lock Management software
• SureLock Battery Management System-allows for quick battery access and easy change-no need to remove the keypad


• OLED Screen for Easy programming
• 30 User Codes: 2 Manager codes, and 28 user codes
• Super Code for programming management and control
• Dual Credential options using Code and eKey
• 500 event audit trail can be viewed on-screen
• Wireless Audit Download
• TimeLock, Holiday Scheduling
• Time Delay 0-99min; Time Window 1 -15min
• Time Delay Override Capability for up to 30 Users

• Time Lock Override Capability for up to 30 Users
• Recovery code can be used to reset the controller to factory default

• Single or Dual Control Modes
• Dual Mode Group – establish Group “A” and “B” : “A” +”B” required to open
• Supports single user mode and dual user mode
• Auto DayLight Savings Time
• EntryPad can control up to 2 locks with programmable lock sequence

• SureLock Battery Management and AC power optional
• Finishes available: Chrome
• Can be paired with any SECURAM Lock: SwingBolt, SwingBolt w/ Status, DeadBolt, SpringBolt and StrikeBolt.

PART # EC-0601A-E66-II-CH

* It is strongly recommended to use a lock body that has an internal status sensor with all audit locks (El-0601-S, EL0701, EL-0801). The resulting audit trail will then report lock open time as well as lock close time. The EL-0601 does not have a status sensor and therefore the door close time will be reported at the same time as door open time.

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