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SECURAM EOS Wi-Fi Smart Lock w/ Fingerprint, Code, Remote Control, High-Security Keyless Entry Door Lock, Voice Control with Alexa & Google, Smart Deadbolt Lock for Home – Black



Highlighted Features:

  •  WI-FI COMMUNICATION * SECURAM EOS connects to your home Wi-Fi network and smart devices for easy remote control and management. With the SECURAM Guard app, you can lock/unlock, check door status, invite guests remotely, whenever, wherever. Additionally, you can generate and send passcodes with different schedules, great for inviting family or guests. With date-based codes, EOS is the ideal option for vacation rentals. It features voice control compatible with Alexa or Google Home.
  •  SECURE FINGERPRINT ACCESS * The EOS Wi-Fi Smart Deadbolt Lock offers convenience and security. This fingerprint smart lock allows you to easily unlock your home by using its proprietary touch-to-open fingerprint technology. Simply touch the fingerprint sensor and immediately get fast and secure access to your home. Then once you’re inside, the smart deadbolt locks behind you automatically.
  •  HIGH-SECURITY * The SECURAM EOS offers security with cutting edge technology, allowing you to easily unlock your home by using its proprietary touch-to-open fingerprint technology. The smart deadbolt is securely attached to any standard door and can be controlled remotely from the SECURAM Guard app. The remote connectivity is protected through AES 128-bit encryption. SECURAM adds an additional layer of security via a unique one-time code encryption algorithm.
  •  SLEEK, ERGONOMIC DESIGN * With its modern appearance and ergonomic milled metal design, the EOS Wi-Fi connected smart lock is the perfect balance of convenience, simplicity, and security.
  •  STRONG AND DURABLE + EASY INSTALLATION * The Wi-Fi enabled smart door lock is paired with a stainless steel deadbolt making it more durable and protects against rust. With an average of ten unlockings per day, the 4 AA batteries can last at least six months. The app will notify you if battery power is low. It’s compatible with most US doors. With the detailed instruction guide and installation videos, you can install this smart deadbolt lock with just a screwdriver in minutes.

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