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SECURAM System, Inc. is a leading provider of commercial security solutions and smart home products. SECURAM offers the most comprehensive home security protection available through a wide selection of highly encrypted devices. Our roots at SECURAM in electronic access control have made us unique in our ability to design and manufacture innovative safe lock systems to meet the demands of the global safe and vault market.

With our biometric technology, SECURAM is one of the leaders in smart home security. Using our biometrics, you can securely access devices, without compromising security. Unlike password-protected smart locks, biometric authentication uses personally identifiable information stored securely on the device for maximum privacy. Our solution comprises a smart deadbolt lock for the home that can support fingerprints and codes and is managed via SECURAM Guard app. It’s aimed at the smart home market, offering an elegant security solution for tech-forward consumers.

Our goal at SECURAM has been dedicated to manufacturing and designing innovative solutions to provide you with the highest level of highly developed security since 1991. With over 31 years of innovation, we launched SECURAM Smart Home Security. As one of the leading companies providing cutting-edge technological advances in the security field, SECURAM Smart offers a wide range of products allowing you to be in control and always alerted from your mobile device to all situations.

SECURAM Smart Home provides a variety of devices for the connected home listed below:

SECURAM EOS Wi-Fi Smart Lock: With its built-in Wi-Fi protocol, the SECURAM EOS smart lock is a reliable, versatile smart lock that allows you to lock and unlock your door using your fingerprint, as well as code, voice control, app, or traditional keys. With easy installation and innovative advanced security encryption combined with a stainless-steel deadbolt, your home is guaranteed to be secure. Furthermore, the EOS provides you with real-time information about the status of your door via the app.

SECURAM Touch Fingerprint Smart Lock: You can simply unlock and lock your door using your unique fingerprint. Using advanced biometric technology, SECURAM offers you all the convenience and security you require. Your smartphone can be used with the SECURAM Guard app to manage your lock remotely, manage users, view lock activity, receive lock notifications and much more. Connecting the Smart Hub and using your home Wi-Fi network to the internet enables you to have the latest and most highly-developed advanced security system and convenience at your fingertips.

Door/Window Sensor: The status of the window / door will be continuously monitored and reported to the SECURAM Guard app in order to allow you to be informed in real time. Sensors on doors and windows are the foundation of any good home security system since most burglars attempt to gain entry through these means. The SECURAM Guard app will receive a signal from a sensor if it is triggered.

Smart Hub: With the SECURAM Guard app, the Smart Hub connects the digital advanced SECURAM smart home devices to the internet. The highly encrypted device allows for secure connection and control of the SECURAM devices.

Safe Monitor: With Wi-Fi communication, this smart device is installed in a safe to monitor its status. The Safe Monitor has a built-in vibration sensor that alerts of potential safe attacks, as well as temperature, humidity, and door status. The app receives this information in real-time in order to supply you with relevant alerts and information regarding the safe.

Smart Safe Lock: SECURAM introduces the first smart safe lock that can be controlled and monitored in real time from your smartphone using the app. Now you can remotely unlock, lock, share access and see the activity of the smart safe lock on your smartphone.⁠ For the maximum safety of your valuables, the smart safe lock is available in highly encrypted code or fingerprint access.

Smart Garage Door Controller: You can now remotely control and see in real-time, the status of your garage door through our advanced technological device that is enabled by Wi-Fi. Allowing you to control the garage door through your smartphone, opening and closing the door remotely and receiving alerts and notifications regarding the status of the garage door.

Smart Light Switch: Allowing you to control your lighting remotely from virtually anywhere. Create customizable routines in the SECURAM Guard app using the two smart buttons. It features a built-in motion sensor and environmental sensor to turn lights on and off automatically. Available in dimmable and non-dimmable switches.

Smart Siren: The Wi-Fi enabled remote siren will automatically sound to ward off intruders and can be placed anywhere in the residence. When a present security violation occurs, the siren will be activated, allowing you to be notified all the time remotely by the app.

The Smart Garage Door Controller, Smart Siren, and Smart Light Switch will be offered later in the year.

At SECURAM, we pride ourselves on providing the most reliable home protection through the use of our range of highly secured devices and the SECURAM Guard app.

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