SECURAM EXCELLENCE in 2022, What it means for your home security?


SECURAM has continued to show excellence in 2022, receiving accolades for the release of its newest addition to their Smart Home Suite, the “SECURAM EOS Wi-Fi Fingerprint Smart Door Lock.” Today, we explore why their continued advancement in 2022 is relevant to consumers.

How has SECURAM emerged as one of the leading innovators for the home security sector in 2022, and why should that matter to us?

Home security monitoring is becoming an ever more pressing issue as the years go by. Unfortunately, while technology continues to advance, so do the threats posed against our safety.

That being said, knowing who is leading the race for home security products is just as important as understanding the threat themselves. One company that has been buzzing in the technology field is SECURAM after receiving the Mark of Excellence Award in 2022 for their SECURAM EOS Wi-Fi Fingerprint Smart Door Lock.

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What is SECURAM and what problems have they solved?

SECURAM Systems, Inc. established in 1991, was always a catalyst in providing safe lock solutions for the commercialized sector such as banks, hotels, ATMs, cash safes, etc. So, it’s safe to say that anything that needed securing, SECURAM had some hand in providing a solution.

However, as the years went by, it was easy to see that the high security safe lock market could not keep up with the needs of the Home Security market. To mediate this issue, SECURAM has developed innovative solutions for the Home Security market incorporating smart technology, and today we will highlight their newest addition to their Smart Home Security Suite….. “The SECURAM EOS.”


With studies showing home security becoming more digitized, Smart Door Locks have become the home security product of choice. However, with many Smart Door Locks, a hub is necessary for it to connect to the internet. The SECURAM EOS, on the other hand, is different. The EOS is a Wi-Fi Fingerprint Smart Door Lock that boasts fingerprint authentication and Wi-Fi direct connection.

Which means…Yes!…No hub!

The EOS also has many other features using the SECURAM Guard App. With the SECURAM Guard App, it allows you to lock/unlock your front door, check door status, view history, and create time-based codes for rental properties right from your smartphone. There is also a voice control feature that can be enabled in settings and is compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

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No doubt, the problem-solving innovation coupled with its bank-grade encryption are some of the factors that allowed SECURAM EOS to receive the Mark of Excellence Award at CES 2022 by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). With the recent rollout of their Smart Light Switch, Smart Siren, and Smart Garage Door Controller, SECURAM doesn’t seem to be slowing down with new innovations for your home any time soon.

For the full CES interview with SECURAM click HERE.

How much does it cost?

Although we can’t really put a price on safety, cost is definitely a factor when it comes to which Smart Home Products we use. SECURAM took that into consideration with an MSRP of $269 for the EOS, and now you can buy it on sale for $169 on the SECURAM official website. This offer makes it one of the more cost-effective options on the market without sacrificing quality and design.


With safety being a concern for everyone, SECURAM has provided solutions to the major issues concerning the Smart Home Security sector. With the SECURAM EOS Wi-Fi Fingerprint Smart Lock, it has emerged as a secure, safe, and convenient solution for your home security needs.

Not sure if the EOS Smart Lock is right for you? Stay tuned for our next post: “5 Reasons Everyone Should Have a Smart Lock in 2022”.

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