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SECURAM Launches EOS, A New Take on Biometric Home Security

SECURAM Launches EOS, A New Take on Biometric Home Security
The new SECURAM EOS boasts digital assistant capabilities, direct Wi-Fi connection, and a wallet-friendly price tag

SECURAM Systems, Inc., best known for its commercial security solutions and smart home products, this week announced the release of its newest addition to their smart home fleet – the SECURAM EOS. An entry-level product with premier-level security and features, the EOS is ideal for those looking for a simple, effective solution to home security.

Similar to its “older sibling,” the SECURAM Touch, the SECURAM EOS allows you to easily unlock your home by using its proprietary touch-to-open technology. The smart deadbolt is securely attached to the door and can be controlled remotely from the SECURAM Guard app. The remote connectivity is protected through AES 128-bit encryption. SECURAM adds an additional layer of security via a unique one-time code encryption algorithm.

The biggest difference between the two is that, unlike the Touch, the EOS doesn’t require the use of the additional Smart Hub to connect to the home’s wireless network. The EOS connects directly, making this a lightweight option ideal for homes. An added highlight is the compatibility with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

The SECURAM EOS retails for $269 but is currently selling for $169 at, whereas the Touch has a base price of $229, and requires the purchase of the Smart Hub, which is $99.

Not only is the EOS competitive within the SECURAM Smart Suite of products, as well as with competition in pricing, but it is one of the very few options on the market that offers a Wi-Fi direct connection. This means there is no need to convert the command signals from the app from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth. The internal Wi-Fi chip included requires minimal energy and operates quickly.

The new EOS highlights:

1. Operates quickly, ideal for single-family residential uses

2. With date-based codes, EOS is the ideal security option for Airbnb and other vacation rental hosts

3. Connects directly to your Wi-Fi, so no need for the additional expense of the Smart Hub

4. EOS features the same firmware and features as the Touch at a more affordable price

5. Can be managed remotely through SECURAM Guard App, available in iOS or Android

6. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Jeremy Brookes, Director of Sales, said “We pride ourselves on creating products that allow you to keep the most valuable things in your world safe. We also strive to be at the forefront of security technology, and with EOS, we think we’ve found the perfect balance of convenience, simplicity and security.”

The SECURAM EOS is currently available on, and will be available on Amazon ahead of the Holiday season.

About SECURAM Systems, Inc.

Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Southern California, SECURAM Systems, Inc., is best known as the leading supplier of safe locks for applications such as home, commercial, corporate, and ATM safes, as well as bank safes & vaults. In 2006, the company began designing and manufacturing electronic and mechanical safe locks systems to meet the needs of the worldwide safe and vault market. They launched the SECURAM Smart line in 2020.

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