The Summer of Fun, Sun and Home Safety

The Summer of Fun, Sun and Home Safety

The Summer of Fun, Sun and Home Safety

How to safeguard your home while enjoying time away this summer

After a very, very long year, the summer of 2021 promises to be an exciting one. However, do not drop your guard just yet. As you approach summer fun, freedom, and time away from home, keep these tenets about home security in mind.

With COVID-19 vaccinations becoming more widely available, life is slowly but surely returning to full speed. Making up for lost times, people are traveling, hanging out, taking their postponed vacations, and enjoying the freedom of movement.

However, as people spend more and more time away from their homes, the issue of home security arises. How can you keep your property, valuables, and loved ones safe while continuing to enjoy yourself outside the home?

Stay aware of everything happening in and around your home with SECURAM’s home security systems. Using SECURAM’s uncompromised home protection system, you can enjoy your summer and have peace of mind.

Follow these safety tips to protect your home this summer.

1. Secure your doors and windows.

What is the fastest and most efficient way to invade a home? Through the front door. Secure this point of entry with advanced security measures like stronger deadbolts, peepholes, and smart locks.

With SECURAM’s updated Touch fingerprint recognition smart deadbolt lock, only approved users can enter the home. The Touch is highly secure using a unique one-time code encryption algorithm layered on top of the AES 128-bit encryption, and this means no one is getting in who isn’t authorized. Additionally, the lock housing is made of milled metal with a stainless steel bolt that thwarts break-in attempts and tampering.

The next point of entry for a thief would be windows. Secure windows with SECURAM’s Smart Door/Window Sensor. This door and window sensor creates exterior perimeter protection for front doors, side doors, and windows, allowing you to check-in on the status of when a door or window has been opened or closed. With connections to the SECURAM Smart Hub, you receive instant notifications of any entry attempts or openings right to your phone via the SECURAM app.

2. Maintain your yard

Untrimmed trees, dense shrubbery, poorly illuminated areas, and uneven landscapes serve as excellent concealment for home intruders to hide. Instead, be sure to clear your yard of extra debris and add lights to illuminate every part of your yard, especially darker corners. If possible, add durable fencing that is tall and solid.

3. Guard personal belongings

Store your valuables in a security safe. SECURAM also offers smart safe locks to help you control and manage access to your safe. Always know the status of your safe with SECURAM’s app, compatible with IOS and Android smartphones.

In addition, SECURAM offers the Safe Monitor, a ‘smart’ add-on to any safe — even safes with old-style mechanical locks. The Safe Monitor is installed inside your safe and connects to your home Wi-Fi network. The Safe Monitor reports temperature, humidity, door open status, and vibration to the SECURAM Smart Home app. With this smart safe device you can monitor and ensure your valuables do not experience environmental deterioration or degradation, or worse yet - attempted theft. This can apply to important documents, valuable firearms, jewelry, family photos, and other precious valuables that are stored in your safe.

“Your home is your castle. SECURAM takes a proactive approach to protecting your home. We focus on smart solutions that bring reliable connected technology for your home security, safety, and convenience all year round, not just the summer months. With SECURAM Smart security solutions, homeowners can feel both safe and secure,” says SECURAM CEO Chunlei Zhou.

A person’s home is their fortress, and the financial and psychological impacts of a home intrusion can be immense. Following these preventative measures ensures you get the safety, security, and peace of mind you deserve this summer.

Wishing you a happy and secure summer from SECURAM.

For more information and tips on some smart home safety solutions visit for more information.

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