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Top Father’s Day Gifts for 2022

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My husband loves fixing and doing things around the house. I try to get him one gift for the house that he will use and see regularly, as well as something romantic. The idea is to have two Father’s Day gifts: one cute thing, and one that he can use around the house.

So, here’s our list of top Father’s Day gifts for dad to use around the house.

In this photo, you’ll see three cool things that would make great Father’s Day gifts.

The first is actually a really funny inside joke in our house. The Securam EOS Wifi Smart Lock is perfect. You’re thinking…a lock? What can be cool about a lock? My husband, first of all, is a gadget freak, but second, he’s forgotten his key about three times this month. What makes this cool is that he can set it up and install it and feel all sort of manly, but in addition, it satisfies his gadget side. He can remotely open the door or change the code, all from an app on his phone.


$169 $269


$149 $269

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