Upgrade your deadbolt to a smart one!

SECURAM EOS - wifi fingerprint smart door lock

Want to see how Fix this House installs the SECURAM EOS W-Fi- Smart Lock? Watch this quick video from Fix This House explaining the easy step-by-step process of taking off a traditional lock, installing our smart deadbolt and downloading the SECURAM Guard App.

SECURAM EOS Wi-Fi Smart Lock comes with the most unlocking options with the most security. There are multiple ways to unlock using a finger, phone, code, key or voice assistant.

Smart locks provide solutions of home security for the connected home. With the EOS, you get the promise of safety as well as cutting edge technology, allowing you to easily unlock your home by using its proprietary touch-to-open fingerprint technology. The smart deadbolt lock is securely attached to any standard door and can be controlled remotely from the SECURAM Guard app. The remote connectivity is protected through AES 128-bit encryption. SECURAM adds an additional layer of security via a unique one-time code encryption algorithm.

Our Wi-Fi enabled EOS smart lock is paired with a stainless steel deadbolt, making it more durable and protected against rust. It is weather resistant with a working temperature range of 14°F ~ 140°F and is suitable for harsh environments. The 4 AA batteries can last at least six months with an average of 10 unlockings per day. The app will even notify you if battery power is low.

With a step-by-step guide in the app, this high security smart lock is easy to install. It harnesses a modern appearance and ergonomic design bringing you the best in smart home security options.

Check the quick start installation guide below:

Need help? Please contact us by email or phone if you have any questions about installing.



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SECURAM EOS - wifi fingerprint smart door lock