3 Benefits of Fingerprint Smart Locks

SECURAM EOS - wifi fingerprint smart door lock

Fingerprint smart locks have revolutionised the way in which we secure our homes and offices. SECURAM is setting the high standard for this technology. With fingerprint technology, positive identification is possible by using the individual's fingerprints. These days, fingerprint recognition is a daily part of our lives - think smart phones, tablets and even laptops now feature fingerprint recognition functionality as standard.

#1 Security

SECURAM’s specialised technology is incorporated into the fingerprint smart lock, and every individual has their own unique fingerprint, and no two fingerprints are the same, thereby enhancing the level of security. The SECURAM EOS Wi-Fi fingerprint smart door lock offers the highest level of security and encryption, allowing you to manage and control from anywhere in the world. With a physical key deadbolt lock, burglars are able to break or pick the lock; thus, it is not fully secure. Door systems based on cards can be hacked, and if lost or stolen, the costs of replacing them can be prohibitive. The hacking of fingerprint-based systems is extremely difficult, if not impossible. It is quite reassuring to know that each individual has a unique fingerprint, which is the only criteria for gaining access.

#2 Convenience

SECURAM’s fingerprint smart locks are simple and easy to use. Rather than carrying around keys, your unique fingerprint is always available to you, which allows you to always be in possession of your keys and avoid ever being locked out. Biometric authentication enhances security by providing a secure and uncrackable solution for access control. It is possible for individuals to use their fingerprints for effortless identification and verification. As a result of this technology, owners and their families will no longer need to worry about keys. When compared to conventional key door locks, keyless keypad locks, combination door locks, or card reader locks, a fingerprint home security system is definitely the most effective option and has tremendous advantages. Because these locks can only be opened by the holder of a unique fingerprint, they provide guaranteed security, speed and convenience. It is not only the most accurate and cost-effective home security system, but its replication is also virtually impossible.

#3 Peace of Mind

It is one of the primary reasons for implementing this system since it eliminates the need for any key to operate the door locks. For most people, especially those who are prone to losing or forgetting keys, this is a significant benefit. A large amount of responsibility is removed from the user's shoulders with this type of door lock, as maintaining the key securely is a fundamental requirement for every homeowner. No matter how meticulous one has been in keeping all of their possessions together, someone is bound to lose a key at some point. Biometric locks are an excellent solution to prevent such circumstances.

Need a high-tech upgrade for your home’s security? SECURAM’s newest EOS Wi-Fi Fingerprint Smart Lock retails for $269 but is currently on sale for $169.


$169 $269


$149 $269

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