Top 4 Benefits of a Smart Lock System for Your Home

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Planning to upgrade your home with smart devices? Z-Wave reports that smart home technologies are becoming popular among homeowners who want greater convenience and security. Since peace of mind is precious to many, it’s no surprise that about 55% of homeowners are investing in smart lock systems.

While your good old keys may still be functional, there are plenty of good reasons why you also need to make the switch to a smart lock system. Out of all the amazing benefits, here are the top advantages that you’ll surely enjoy from SECURAM's smart lock systems:

More secure than traditional locks

If there’s one thing you should not compromise on, it’s your safety! So even though your traditional locks have kept you secure for many years now, their outdated mechanisms may actually put you and your property at a higher risk.

Our article on the 4 Surprising Reasons Smart Locks are Essential in 2022 states that it’s easy for criminals to enter properties with traditional locks since these are easy to open using common forms of lock picking. However, lock picking techniques will be no match against the fingerprint authentication, code entry, and bank-grade encryption systems of your Smart Locks. Simply switch on the Smart Locks from your smartphone, and your property will be instantly secured.

Increased protection against burglary

Your remote connectivity will come in handy, especially if you want protection against burglars. An article on top motivators for crimes by Maryville University reveals that there were about 1.2 million burglaries in 2018 alone, causing an estimated $3.4 billion in property losses, or $2,799 per burglary. Unfortunately this trend hasn't gone down with predictive analytics by SafeAtLast finding that 75% of homes in the U.S. will be broken into in the next 20 years. This shows how rampant home burglary is and why a good lock and security system are needed.

Smart Locks are convenient for when you're out of the house. You don't have to worry about whether you were able to lock the front door or not, since you can see and monitor the lock's status from your mobile device. Simply install a smart door lock to avoid unauthorized entries to your home and get smart safe locks to secure your most precious possessions.

Greater independence for individuals with disabilities

Aside from providing extra security, homeowners can experience greater accessibility in their homes through smart home technologies. This benefit is crucial, since Be Accessible founder and Salve Regina University MBA graduate David Gevorkian pointed out that these devices can make it easier for individuals with disabilities to live independently and manage their very own spaces.

Through Smart Locks, individuals with limited mobility can simply control any entry access. On top of that, people who are blind or have vision related disabilities simply authenticate their access using voice commands or their own fingerprints.

Controlled entry for homeowners and guests

Smart Locks are secure against any unauthorized access. But if you’re having your friends and family over, you can easily configure special access codes for your guests.

In fact, a researcher from Andhra University pointed out that encryption settings of Smart Lock Systems allow homeowners to provide access to guests of different levels. While you can enjoy access through smartphone authorization, fingerprint authentication, or voice command, guests can enter your property through a special access code. Since these codes can simply be changed or canceled after each use, you can also use them for deliveries and other purposes that only need temporary access.

You can experience security, accessibility, and convenience by getting a Smart Lock System for your home. If you're ready to transform your space, start by checking out SECURAM's high-security smart fingerprint lock systems. Through this smart upgrade, you'll experience these top four benefits plus more awesome perks!

Authored by Raffy Jimena

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