Mischief Night

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If you’re from the Northeast, you may know it as “Mischief Night.” Those in Michigan often refer to it as “Devil’s Night.” Others call it “Cabbage Night.” But no matter what you call the night before Halloween, it’s a time when tricks and pranks played by local teens can go awry.

From throwing eggs at mailboxes to draping the trees with toilet paper, the rambunctious teens often find ways to entertain themselves in ways that are irritating, but not extremely harmful. And while most people can rest assured that these pranks won't go beyond a little bit of cleanup the next day; when there is disorder, those with bad intentions can look for an opening.

We recommend locking your doors, as always, while also providing an added level of security with a biometric lock - so even if your teen isn’t the one causing a ruckus, they can access the home easily and safely when it’s time to come in for the evening.

The other recommendation would be our window and door sensors. Connected to your Smart Hub, which also connects to your SECURAM Guard app, you can see which windows and doors are ajar, in real time. While Mischief Night isn’t known for break-ins, you can never be too cautious. These sensors provide year-round protection as well, meaning as we roll into the next holidays, and you’re spending less time at home and more time traveling, you can rest assured that your home is protected.

We wish we could provide technology that prevents egging and “TP-ing,” but we consider this the next best solution.

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smart home - home security
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