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SECURAM Introduces One-Touch Fingerprint Door Lock as part of Smart Home Solutions

SECURAM Introduces One-Touch Fingerprint Door Lock as part of Smart Home Solutions

SECURAM Introduces One-Touch Fingerprint Door Lock as part of Smart Home Solutions

Security systems can be complex—and this complexity is often off-putting for homeowners.

SECURAM, a global leader in home security, is working to change the perception of home security systems being complicated, by simplifying them. Their proprietary technology is designed to enable any person to safeguard their homes… anytime, anywhere, and with minimal effort.

SECURAM’s latest development towards making home security easier to understand and implement, is their One-Touch Fingerprint Door Lock. This Door Lock secures your home with a wireless, smart deadbolt, which operates in tandem with fingerprint recognition. The One-Touch Fingerprint Door Lock integrates with SECURAM’s Smart Hub system, being an update of this system that first-time and returning customers can benefit from.

The socioeconomic uncertainties brought about by the global pandemic caused by COVID-19 have increased market demand for high-functioning smart home devices. The One-Touch Fingerprint Door Lock serves as SECURAM’s response to this demand. As a security system, it is housed in aluminium, durable, weatherproof, and fully compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Home.

SECURAM’s latest invention also boasts remote access features. These features grant homeowners absolute discretion over who enters and leaves their home. Permanent access codes can be provided to family members and friends, whereas temporary codes can be provided to guests.

Spring is in full swing. And summer is coming up soon. In other words, foot and vehicular traffic along the roads adjacent to your home will be on the rise in the next few months. Unfortunately, with that increase, comes an increased risk of neighbourhood burglaries taking place. SECURAM guarantees that, with its products and services, your home will be completely protected against that risk.

The home security leader guarantees clients that SECURAM’s dedication towards providing its customers with premium and matchless home security solutions is of utmost importance. Its proven track record reflects its slogan, “Security Uncompromised.” For more information visit

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