Course #3

ProLogic L02

Topics covered:

Operational Instruction

  • How to open the lock (L01 and L02 models)
  • How to access the System Menu (L01 and L02 models)
  • Change codes (L01 and L02 models)
  • Delete a code (L01 and L02 models)
  • Enroll a New User (L01 and L02 models)
  • Set Time Delay (L02 model only)
  • Set Dual Mode (L02 model only)
  • Set Number of Locks (L02 model only)
  • Resetting a lock back to factory default
  • Troubleshooting – Analog vs Digital Mode, beep patterns, no beeps, no lights

Please review the videos below, then click the button below the video to be taken to the ProLogic – Introduction quiz. 

Enjoy.  And thanks for your interest in SECURAM safe locks.

Locksmith version 

L02 - Overview - Part 1

L02 - Overview - Part 2

Entering the System Menu

Blue Screen vs Black Screen

Enrolling New Users

Delete a User Code

Setting Time Delay

Cancelling Time Delay

Setting Time Delay

Enabling Dual Mode

Recover System

Set Number of Locks

Setting Up a Multi-Lock System

Fail to Link - Pairing and Converting to Digital Mode

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