2022 Spring Housing Market Trends Boost Home Security Needs

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With current housing trends, homes are flying off the market, and more homes means more security. Today we discuss how the spring housing market has affected home security needs.

According to Fortune, “By the spring of 2021, housing inventory was down 32% from pre-pandemic levels. With buyers outnumbering homes for sale, they had no choice but to offer over listing price if they wanted to win. Cue record bidding wars last spring.”

This trend continues, with the housing market even tighter now than it was heading into Spring 2021. For some, it’s a primary residence, as renting becomes unaffordable. For others, it’s an investment opportunity for renting.

In either case, it’s crucial to protect your home. SECURAM Systems, Inc. has seen an increase in interest in its smart home security systems that allow for biometric-powered entry, as well as remote access from the SECURAM Guard App.

CEO Chunlei Zhou said, “We’re getting a lot of interest in our new EOS smart lock. We think it’s because increasing numbers of tech-savvy young people are purchasing homes. Whether it’s a primary residence or a rental property, they are looking for simple solutions to secure their space.”

The SECURAM EOS won the Mark of Excellence Award this year at CES, and its “older sibling,” the SECURAM Touch, was an award winner at CES 2020. Both units use encrypted fingerprint technology to grant access to the home. If you have guests, or renters, you can provide them with a numerical code to enter as well.

The EOS boasts direct Wi-Fi connectivity and a lower price point, making it a simple, lightweight entry point to the smart home security market. The Touch requires the use of the SECURAM Hub to connect to the internet, which also connects the brand’s other security devices, like smart security door/window sensors, a safe monitor to report humidity and temperature, and smart safe locks to protect valuables stored in safes. This provides a more holistic security approach.

The SECURAM Smart Home Security Suite will have a few more additions this summer for a full-fledged bundle of products that provide the newest technology and peace of mind.

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