Steve Sheds Light on Tech's Future in CES Podcast Interview

Steve Sheds Light on Tech's Future in CES Podcast Interview

Exciting news for our SECURAM community! Our very own Steve, recently took the stage on the CES Podcast Network. In a riveting interview, he delved into the latest technological trends and innovations, offering insights that resonate deeply with the work we do here at SECURAM Systems.

steve talks wi-fi security switch at ces 2024 podcast

During his appearance, Steve unveiled some groundbreaking developments in home security technology. He showcased our innovative security switch with advanced laser motion detection technology, marking a major leap in home protection. Moreover, Steve delved into the intricacies of our EOS smart lock and how it, along with our integrated security solutions, is revolutionizing home safety.

Check out the full interview here: CES Podcast Network - Steve's Interview. You'll get a firsthand look at how Steve's expertise reflects SECURAM’s innovative spirit.

Adding to the discussion, Dave praised the exceptional quality of our products. He was particularly impressed with the EOS smart lock, noting its seamless blend of robust security and modern design.

Keep in touch for more updates and insights as SECURAM Systems continues to lead and innovate in the smart security solution space.

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