SECURAM at CES 2024: Elevating Home Security with Innovative Smart Switches

SECURAM at CES 2024: Elevating Home Security with Innovative Smart Switches
"An exhibit booth for SECURAM at a trade show with a modern, house-like design.

At the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), in a landscape brimming with cutting-edge technology, SECURAM stood out as a leader in smart home security innovation. Our booth served as a gathering spot for tech enthusiasts and industry pioneers, showcasing our dedication to elevating home security into an intelligent, protective haven. Our presence at CES was a clear declaration to pioneering new frontiers in smart security solutions.

SECURAM's Pioneering Advances

A highlight of CES 2024 was the unveiling of our revolutionary Wi-Fi smart in-wall switch and dimmer. These aren't just any smart devices; they represent the perfect fusion of practicality and cutting-edge technology. Designed to operate seamlessly on a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, they're tailored for the modern, connected home.

Foreground focuses on two SECURAM Wi-Fi Smart Switch packages prominently displayed, one labeled as a 'Single Pole' variant with an illustrative arrow showing an easy slide-in installation, and the other a standard package.

Security Features

Our new smart devices are equipped with features that truly set them apart:

  • Advanced Motion Detection: We've transcended traditional boundaries by incorporating laser motion detection sensors, offering unmatched precision and enhanced compatibility with your home's tech ecosystem.
  • Tailored Security: Through our SECURAM Guard mobile app, users can customize their smart security switches, linking them cohesively with smart locks and the broader home security network.

Embarking on a New Era in Smart Home Security

Our role at CES 2024 solidified our commitment to continuous innovation. The launch of our Wi-Fi security smart wall switch collection is a testament to our promise of delivering premium security solutions that are both accessible and versatile. With designs catering to various security and convenience needs, each switch is a step toward a safer home.

securam wi-fi switches grouped together

Our Journey at CES 2024

Our booth, #52328 at the Venetian Expo, buzzed with interaction and discovery. Visitors got a hands-on experience of how our smart switches can revolutionize home security. The live demonstrations provided an understanding of the capabilities of our technology.

securam at ces 2024 showcasing smart home security solutions

In the Limelight

Our feature on the CES podcast offered an invaluable platform to elaborate on our latest products and share our vision for a smarter, more secure future. This exposure allowed us to connect with a broader spectrum of individuals, effectively conveying our passion for advancing the realm of home security.

We extend our sincere thanks to all who visited our booth, engaged with our team, and provided invaluable feedback. Your passion and insights drive us to keep pushing the boundaries of smart home security.

Experience SECURAM First-Hand: Ready to elevate your home's security with our state-of-the-art smart switches? Check out our feature on TechHive and get your hands on these game-changing devices today. Securam's In-Wall Smart Lighting Controls Available for Purchase.

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