Unlocking Peace of Mind: The SECURAM Safe Monitor – Your Firearms' Guardian

Unlocking Peace of Mind: The SECURAM Safe Monitor – Your Firearms' Guardian

Owning a firearm demands a heightened commitment to safeguarding it from potential unauthorized access and damage. While traditional gun safes offer a degree of protection, vulnerabilities persist. Enter SECURAM's ingenious creation – the Safe Monitor, a wireless and portable device turing your vault to a "smart vault," elevating your firearm's security to unprecedented levels.

The Safe Monitor exemplifies cutting-edge security technology, permitting seamless control via your smartphone, facilitated by a robust Wi-Fi connection. Once seamlessly installed, the system ensures real-time notifications regarding fluctuations in temperature, humidity, door status, and vibrations – all relayed through the SECURAM Guard app. This device adds an indispensable layer of security to your prized gun locker.

safe monitor with antennae laser motion

The Safe Monitor, compact in design, arrives complete with an array of six essential accessories, encompassing Velcro tape, screws, and 2 cable lengths for the antennae. Before installation, select the cable length to your Wi-Fi signal strength. The cable can be discreetly routed through a quarter-inch in your safe's wall.

safe lock on safe with safe monitor

To initiate the installation process, follow these simple steps:

  1. Slide open the cover to access the battery compartment and insert three AA batteries.
  2. Connect your chosen antenna and position the Safe Monitor in the safe with the light sensor facing the door opening.
  3. Use either the Velcro tape, which is included, or the screws to fasten the Safe Monitor.
  4. Slide open the Safe Monitor cover to reveal two installation holes. The screw hole is located in the battery case.
  5. Use the two M3x8 pan-head screws to fasten the Safe Monitor to a surface such that the light sensor is facing the door opening.

Once your SECURAM Safe Monitor is unboxed and installed, it's time to get the free SECURAM Guard app. This app is your control center. Download it, create an account (or sign in if you already have one), and link your new device. It's a breeze to use and keeps you in the loop with alerts for changes in humidity, temperature, vibrations, and open status. You can check your event history and set your preferences, from adjusting temperature and humidity thresholds to fine-tuning vibration sensitivity and keeping an eye on safe movements. If your set conditions are met, the app sends instant notifications to your phone.

securam guard app and safe monitor

What makes the SECURAM Safe Monitor stand out? It's all about stability and reliability. Thanks to its high-performance IOT Wi-Fi module, your connection stays steady. The external Wi-Fi antenna is a small, customizable 5mm connector that fits right onto UL-certified safes, enhancing your Safe Monitor's Wi-Fi reliability. The Semiconductor Vibration Sensor is super-sensitive, with three levels of adjustment to cater to your security needs. It also responds to shifts in temperature and humidity, which you can customize.

In a nutshell, the SECURAM Safe Monitor is a must-have for any gun locker or safe. It adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind. With its clever tech, simple setup, and personalized settings, it's the perfect solution for anyone looking to keep their firearms safe.

Whether you're a gun enthusiast, a collector, or a responsible gun owner, having a high-quality gun storage system is a must. It safeguards your investment and keeps everyone around you safe.

Don't hesitate; get your SECURAM Safe Monitor today and enjoy enhanced protection and peace of mind for your guns.

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